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CPG Companies are losing millions

We believe the root cause of this can usually be found in the ‘knowledge gap’ of its’ negotiators. This commonly exists for three reasons:

  • • Inexperience
  • • Overgeneralization
  • • Lack of time

How much money is your company leaving on the table because of ineffective negotiations?

We understand your challenges and we can help.

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Real World Experience

Our Delivery Consultants have managed P&Ls over $1B and spent years in commercial negotiations, so you are gaining experience from the best.

30 years retail experience

CPG Tailored Solutions

We are focused on CPG, with solutions designed for your organization and current negotiation challenges.

Fortune 100 / 500 CPG Companies

Proven Financial Results

Through our services, clients achieve remarkable results, turning skillful behaviors into profitable deals.

ROI = 10X Minimum



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Our ever-growing insights and expertise are grounded in the real world- at the negotiation table, which enables us to constantly innovate, drive strategy, behavioral change, and profitability for companies across the globe.

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Our expertise is grounded in real-world negotiations.

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